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The Theatre

Silent Theatre Company

Searching for truth in those parts of the human experience that are not expressed aloud. 

I have been at the artistic helm of Silent Theatre for the last 16 years. It has been an extreme source of joy, honor, and honest fun. We create as a way of expressing ourselves and how we see the world, very often without saying much. Silent Theatre believes in creating a universal language one gesture at a time. 


Here is what we do. 

Wild Party Variety Hour

"Dirtiest fun to be had on the Chicago stage."


An extension of Silent Theatre was the little variety show that could and it turned out it could do a decade-long run. WPVH was a breeding ground for creative content, social interaction, and late-night weirdness. I wore many hats in this production, figuratively and literally, but my favorite was casting the show from the pool of the outrageously talented Chicago variety scene. It is with a quiet hope that one day, The Wild Party Variety Hour will lift its question mark once more and the "aplawz" sign will be soundtracked by the underground fringe.

(re)visit these gems! 

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