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The Wild Party Variety Hour: the Revenge of Tabarnacle Abernathy

There is so much pressure writing the first sentance of the first paragraph of your first blog entry of your first ever blog.

But due to lack of any pomp and circumstance (thank goodness), this breif note is to share this:

Last night at Hq, Silent Theatre held its Wild Party Variety Hour. It wasn't long into the performance when a technical mishap created one of the most hilarious Dean Evans moments I have ever seen. And if you ever see this grotesque baffoon of a clown that Dean emobodies, this Honeybuns, then you'll know the feeling of secretly begging the Universe for something wrong to happen just so you can experience his navigation of turning curses into blessings.


New to the WPVH stage was Fringe Factor Dance. Choreographed by the incomporable Lindsey Marks|Lady Jack, these dames shimmered and shimmied on our little stage. The photo below is from their FB page. They stuck around for the after party and we got to dance with them for awhile and that was an amazing treat.

Kiwi popsicle

My love for The Harmonious Hunks runs deeper than their hunky gazes. This was first of the three last performances of the brilliant Dan Howard. They composed and sang a barber shop style medley of "O, Brother, Where Art Thou". They nailed it. And once they got to Lonesome Valley, they killed. There will be one more Hunks show at Hq on April 11th. It will be the last time I'll get to see Dan Howard as a Harmonious Hunk. His harmonies will echo mischievously in our hearts. May the spirit of adventure carry him and his beaituful wife Amanda to great destinations!


One of the most satisfying friendships is that of uber talented pals who still manage to surprise you with their talents after years of friendship. Lindsey Marks|Lady Jack is a sui generis. That is all I will say about that.


In addition to the stellar acts, Hq was transformed into a speak easy, complete with dice, cards, libations and a cigarette girl. Between Brandan's noir jargon, Marvin's antics and featuring fresh talents Marcus Fittanto and Liz Krane, the energy was electric. Hell, even Nathan Paul made an appearance via Chinese interwebs... we bust our buns for an experience that lasts only once, only to assert its power via its brevity and then, just like that, it's gone. We are left with the memory of a moment well preserved, gladly committed to memory, and sometimes, just sometimes, a video of a 25 second clip from tech rehearsal. Enjoy!

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