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For me, Creative Playtimes were, at first, a tool for theatrical needs: a way to gather a cast, or build an ensemble, or to teach younger generations the importance of play and games as a team. But that's not all they do. They can break the ice in a newly formed group, or break up writer's block, or simply give a group a break. Maybe even get your mind off of a bad break-up! Who knows, but it's fun dragging along this broken bit. The point is, Creative Playtime suspends current reality and replaces it with a sandlot where creativity, imagination, play, silliness, and all kinds of not-so-adult shenanigans take place. You can opt-in for a one-off or a weekly course; culminating in performance or just on-going play; pre-determined activities or custom-made experience. Contact me for a price quote and availability once submitted. 

Please note, for children's creative playtime, space is limited to 10 kids.

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