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Alchemizing current events, culture, and conversation

through film, media and immersive experiences

in an effort to expand the human aliveness .


Quo Vadis, Hominum?

TBA | Online

Live Performance

TBA | Online

Sporadic Boudoir 

TBA | Online

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I created a Substack to hold my musings about current events, culture, and conversations. You can find a range of topics and unpopular opinions there. Categories will include social commentary, performance reviews, essays, web3, and personal journal entries. All the content is available without a paywall, but if you wish to contribute in the spirit of the gift, you would be directly supporting me and my family 

Tonika Todorova

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I want to leave my footprints in the sands of time. So, I get myself up and be the change I want to see because, well, no one wants to leave their buttprint in the sands of time. 

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